New Profile, Israel

Right Side of Leaf Image: Drawing: “Born Soldier”  by Itzik Rennert.

Left Side of Leaf Image: Photograph: “Towards Tomorrow” by A. Ettinger.

New Profile is a young and visible organization, the outgrowth of our belief that there is a need to question the deep-seated influence of militarism on Israeli society. The movement, comprised of feminist women, men and youth, is a volunteer grassroots organization. Our name, New Profile, reflects the long-range aim of our organization: to change the Profile of Israeli society from a militarized society of war and might, to an actively peacemaking community in which the rights of all its citizens are protected and promoted equally, and the human rights of all people residing inside and outside Israeli borders are respected.

New Profile is the first political movement in Israel to identify de-militarization as a top priority. We have set before ourselves several goals. We focus on de-militarizing education. We do ongoing advocacy promoting demilitarization through lectures, the media, and conferences and other events. We support the right to resist the draft, conscientious objection and refusal to serve in the Occupied Territories for all men and women. We work with women whose lives have been damaged by militarization, such as victims of sexual harassment in the military, or of exploitation by the Ministry of Defense.