Indigenous Youth Delegation USA

The Indigenous Youth Delegation to Palestine is a project of a collective of grassroots groups in the U.S. and Palestine: Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG), 7th GIV, Palestine Education Project, Huaxtec, MECA. We are committed to connecting Native and Xicano youth in the U.S with youth in Palestine by creating a forum for us to reflect together and bridge our struggles. This first-ever cross-continental exchange is an opportunity for youth to learn first hand from each other by sharing tools of empowerment and education. Our journey to Palestine is part of an on-going process of connecting the shared experiences of Indigenous peoples across the world.

“There are lots of connections between the indigenous communities in the United States and the Palestinian community: both the corporations and governments that have oppressed them and the strategies of resistance that they’ve used to fight back. Organizers from across the U.S. put together The Indigenous Youth Delegation to Palestine, which connected Native and immigrant youth from the U.S. with youth in Palestine.