800 Ceramic Leaves: Olympia Community and Youth, Facilitated by Holly Graham, Erin Genia and Alicia Martinson; Produced by Marion Pollman

Tile Workshops and Participants

-2008 Spring Arts Walk

-2008 Mothers Day @ Traditions

-2008 YMCA Eco- Jam Conference

-June 13th, 2008 – Tiles painted at McLane Elementary School by 5th grade classes of teachers Steve Eggleston and Hilary Davis, facilitated by Librarian Nancy Hamilton.

-June 25, 2008 – Tiles with members of the Olympia Storyteller’s Guild at the Olympia Center.

-July 4, 2008 – Fair Trade tile party with friends from Traditions Cafe and Store.

-July 18-19, 2008 – Lake Fair tile tabling at Traditions.

-July 20, 2008 – Westside Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Religious Education classes -tiles by children and members of the congregation.

-July 23, 2008 – Downtown Olympia Timberland Regional Library – some staff and library patrons painted tiles.

-July 27, 2008 – educational outreach and tile painting by youth and congregation of the Olympia Friends’ Quaker Meeting.

-August 1, 2008 – Mariah Art School, Olympia with students of Diane Gaile.

-August 8-9, 2008 – Tile tabling at the Mural site that included members of the Nisqually tribe who came with Boots as well as a board member and the public.

-August 15-16, 2008 – Tabling with tiles at the Mural site.

-August 22-23, 2008 – Tiles at the Mural site.

-August 30-31, 2008 – Harbor Days – table for tiles.

-September 11, 2008 – Howard Keck’s 4th Graders do tiles in class at Garfield Elementary School.

-December 3, 2008 – Roosevelt Elementary School 4th graders in Julie Mikelson’s room do tiles.

-May 26, 2009 – Staff at Traditions paint tiles.

-May 27, 2009 – Debra Neid’s 3rd grade students (this is Anna Eggleton’s class) paint tiles at Garfield Elementary. Candy Eggleton came to assist and provided internet information on Rachel and the issues for the kids as they finished tiles.

-May 28, 2009 – Small tile painting party, for those who desperately wanted to paint tiles, at Traditions…now, no more tiles forever.

-Rough estimate of the number of tiles completed in these sessions: 800+

Marion Pollmann

Through my love for clay, my life has transformed into pure, joyful expression. My life’s mission is to bring beauty to the world – looking back on my life, I’m not certain whether I made these choices, or whether these choices made me. Does the artist mold the material or does the material mold the artist? Is the creator also that which is created? Perhaps it does not matter, because, in the end, we are one.


Holly Gwinn Graham Artist Statement

As an artist, activist, and performer whose work is international and whose creations are usually directed to issues and causes, it was important to me to honor the work Cindy and Craig Corrie and the Corrie Foundation have done to achieve justice for Palestinians and right resolution for Rachel’s death in Gaza. It was an honor to take tiles into the community and talk with young and old alike about the work, why it was happening, and what was envisioned for the wall itself. I continue my international work as an artist with other groups, and will do so as long as I live and love, through music, theatre, education, and visual art.