Gateways for Incarcerated Youth. Greenhill Native Culture Group

Gateways empowers incarcerated youth to create a positive future for themselves through youth driven cultural awareness and educational programming.

Through strength-based academic and cultural programs incarcerated youth have the skills and personal power they need to be successful upon their return to the community.

Empowering Youth
The purpose of Gateways is to draw out, and respond to the needs and interests of incarcerated young men. Empowerment is achieved when these individuals recognize the knowledge base they already possess and build upon it. We believe that all youth have the potential to become valuable members of our society.

Promoting Cultural Identity
Gateways subscribes to the philosophy that when an individual is secure in their identity and proud of their own heritage they are able to be more accepting of others. Gateways promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of all cultures as a way to combat the various forms of prejudice that are present in our society.