CIELO Project at Radio Ranch

CIELO Project at Radio Ranch is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose mission is to be a force for justice by serving the self-sufficiency and empowerment of the Latino and other underprivileged communities.

What’s in a Name?
The name CIELO Project, is an acronym for Centro Integral Educativo Latino de Olympia, or in English, Integral Hispanic Educational Center of Olympia. In Spanish, the word CIELO means Heaven. The name Radio Ranch comes from an old Gene Autry movie about a miracle ranch on a radio station which allowed children who had never experienced ranch life to do so via its broadcasts.
The purposes of CIELO Project at Radio Ranch are:
• Promote Cultural awareness and pride in the Latino heritage through educational and recreational activities.
• Strengthen Latino families and individuals by providing opportunities to gain needed skills and information.
• Link the Latino community with government and community-based groups that provide needed services.
• Decrease the existing isolation of Latinos by implementing programs that build a strong sense of community.
• Enhance self-esteem and competence in all youth.
• Be a model of an integrated community working toward the good of all its members.
The primary objectives of CIELO Project at Radio Ranch are:
• Honor the integrity and diversity of all people through our actions.
• Create programs that empower families and individuals by providing a space for experiential opportunities for social, emotional and spiritual development and practice.
• Facilitate access to education and health care for families and individuals through information, referral and cross-cultural education and anti-oppression training.