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As Olympia mobilizes in support of Bryson Chaplin & Andre Thompson and raises the banner of Black Lives Matter, it is important to pay tribute to the Black organizers and cultural workers who developed this national movement on the frontlines of white supremacy. Many thanks to Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi & Alicia Garza for your work and vision of another world. Read more about about the “Herstory of the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬Movement” from Alicia Garza.

Statement From Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”- Paulo Freire

The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project aims to make visible the connections between the struggle for self-determination in Palestine, and the struggle for self-determination in our communities. The recent shooting of Bryson and Andre Chaplin lay bare the role of the Olympia Police Department as an institution with the power to use excessive and lethal force against Black lives. Further, the previous experiences of Officer Ryan Donald as an Army police officer and as a U.S. Border Patrol agent on the U.S./Mexican border ask us to consider the institutionalized connections among U.S. imperialism, Israeli/U.S. settler-colonialism and increased militarism in our streets. We are forced to recognize the military industrial complex works to train and supply global warfare, which is a war abroad and at home.

Policing practices are founded in blocking the self-determination of communities of color and maintaining the structures of white supremacy and a violent occupation as the status quo. The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project is committed to supporting and creating space for the ongoing process of movement building within our community to actively confront racism and hold institutions that serve white supremacy accountable. There is a clear need for community oversight of these institutions and more diligent police accountability.

As solidarity with Palestine demands recognition that Palestinian lives matter, the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project is determined to recognize that Black Lives Matter here in Olympia, and everywhere.

Mural at Water Filtration System at Jabaliya Elementary School
Jabaliya Refugee Camp, Gaza Strip

The MAIA Mural Brigade (Maia means Water in Arabic), organized by Break the Silence Mural and Arts Project, brings together a national team that includes: activists, trauma therapists, muralists, filmmakers, The ESTRIA Foundation’s Water Writes Project and Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project and Afaq Jadeeda (New Horizons)  to create collaborative murals with Palestinian youth and artists.  The murals are located at schools in the Gaza Strip where water purification systems installed by the Middle East Children’s Alliance are providing clean drinking water to 30,000 children.


Girl with spray CanWar is over

The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA),  Berkeley CA, has worked for 25 years to provide on-the-ground humanitarian aid to children in the Middle East.  MECA’s MAIA Project  was launched in response to a vote by the Student Parliament at the UN Boys’ School in Bureij Refugee Camp, Gaza.  The students were given the opportunity to choose one thing they most wanted for their school: They chose to have clean drinking water. The water crisis in Palestine continues to worsen particularly in Gaza where desalination plants were bombed in Israel’s Operation Cast Lead assault in 2008/2009.


Working in partnership with community organizations in Gaza MECA’s MAIA Project has provided clean water to 14 large UN schools in Palestinian refugee camps and to 13 kindergartens in refugee camps, towns, and villages. The systems are funded by grassroots organizing efforts in the USA.


The MAIA Brigade painted 8 murals at 8 of MECA’s Filtration Systems. These are just a few here.  To See more photos: Click-MAIA MURAL More information and our

Beit Hanoun
Beit Hanoun Kindergarten, Funded by Alice Walker


new Gaza School for boys
New Gaza School for Boys, Gaza City
kids painting rain drops
Students from UNRWA Summer Camps
Rachel Corried Kindergarten
Rachel Corrie Kindergarten, Rafah

To See more photos:  Click-MAIA MURAL


Water Writes Halftime BBQ & Report Back

by adminsusan on August 15, 2011

Come out n Celebrate the Completion of 5 of the 10 Water Writes Murals hosted by the Estria Foundation! Muralists who traveled to Hawaii, Palestine, and the Philippines will share their videos, photos, and stories.

The MAIA Mural Brigade brought several groups, institutions and projects together including: Break the Silence Mural And Arts Project; the Middle East Children’s Alliance; The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project and the Estria Foundation.

MAIA Mural Brigade is honored to be one of ESTRIA Foundation’ s WATER WRITES Projects.

This is the first report-back from MAIA MURAL BRIGADE!

Club 21 @ 2111 Franklin Street, Oakland, Califas

Saturday, August 20 · 2:00pm – 8:00pm

Stay Tuned for more!



MAIA MURALS Summer 2011

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A Tale of Two Cites goes to Gaza!!

To make your tax deductible donation:

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Break the Silence Mural Project (Via our Fiscal Sponsor PEACE DEVELOPMENT FUND)

The MAIA MURAL PROJECT will be a series of collaborative murals focusing on environmental justice, specifically water or ‘maia’ in Arabic.  We will work with youth and artists in Gaza to paint murals at sites of water purification units that the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) is installing at UNRWA schools and kindergartens. The quality of water in Gaza has been eroded, particularly in the Israeli assault of 2008-9, creating a severe health hazard to which children are most vulnerable.  In addition we will work on two large-scale public murals that will address the issues of the universal right to water and international solidarity.  To read more about this humanitarian crises please see:

The MAIA Mural Project joins the ESTRIA Foundation’s Water Writes Project and will be the 10th mural in a series of projects in 10 cities around the world in 10 focusing on the universal right to water.  The project is also sponsored by MECA, Break the Silence Mural Project, the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice and the Gaza Community Mental Health Programe.

The MAIA Mural Project is the Gaza part of “A Tale of Two Cities- The Olympia-Rafah Mural Project” located in Olympia WA.  These projects make connections between struggles and movements for social justice around the world.

You will be able to see our work as it unfolds on our blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.  We will also be uploading video and interviews with our Palestinian partners, giving you a real sense of what we are experiencing and whom we are working with.  This extensive documentation will become part of a growing global conversation about resources, water, solidarity, cross-movement building and non-violent resistance to oppression.


Inmigrantes Unidos de Shelton, Shelton WA

by adminsusan on March 26, 2011

Click for Audio Inmigrantes Unidos

To unite immigrant community in Shelton,  foster mutual support, and enhance quality of life through education, knowledge, relationships and leadership development.
Click here For More Information about YAYA; The Youth and Young Adult Network of the National Farm Worker Ministry!

On March 30th 2011, Evergreen YAYAs, along with the Evergreen Labor Center, Center for Community Based Learning and Action, and four academic programs, sponsored a panel on farm worker justice. With over 175 people in attendance, the event was a great success and served to raise campus awareness about farm worker justice, immigration reform, and the rights of undocumented workers.Patricia Vasquez represented Inmigrantes Unidos de Shelton and spoke about issues concerning immigrants in the South Sound. Hilary Hacker spoke about the importance of being an immigrant ally and the function of Bridges Not Walls; a coalition of community members in Olympia and Shelton working solidarity with the immigrant communities in our area to promote human rights, economic rights, and civil rights for all people.Arturo Sepulveda, a union organizer with UFW in Eastern Washington, made the long drive along with Jesus and Remaldo Larias, two workers from Ruby Ridge Dairy. The workers report a climate of fear and intimidation at their jobs. They are forced to work overtime which they are not paid for, aren’t allowed lunch or bathroom breaks, and do not have clean water provided to them. Last year Remaldo was fired along with 9 other men for circulating union cards- which a majority of the workers signed. UFW and NFWM have been involved in talks with the owners of the farm that have not yet lead to any resolution.The student response to their speeches was overwhelming and we are now just waiting to hear from the workers how they would like us to support them.- Jenny Lee, Olympia- Washington


PeaceWorks Conference-Solidarity in Action 4/8,9

by adminsusan on March 6, 2011

Register now for Peace Works 2011: Solidarity In Action

Pre-Registration Now Open!
Click here to reserve your place.

The conference includes two days of networking, panels and workshops at The Evergreen State College in Olympia. Panelists will address the current situation in Israel/Palestine, strategies for justice and peace, the growing international campaigns for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and cross-movement building. Local and national organizers will facilitate workshops to educate, motivate and provide tools for community organizing.

Alice Walker 

Alice Walker

Solidarity in Action Featuring
Keynote Presenter: Alice Walker

Scheduled workshops and events include:

  • Human Rights and Strategies for Justice in Palestine/Israel
  • Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaigns & Grassroots Organizing
  • Organizing with the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project
  • Cross Movement Building
  • Social Networking as an organizing tool
  • Report Back on Trial in Israel by the Corries
  • Celebration with music and dancing Sat. evening in Downtown Olympia
  • Buffet lunch on Saturday included in the cost of registration

Travel and Lodging information:

Co-sponsorship Opportunity
If you or your organization is interested in co-sponsoring this years conference, please contact Becca Pilcher. Co-sponsorship opportunities are available at the following levels. Download the co-sponsorship form here.

  • Friend of the Foundation: $50.00 – $150.00 (Your name will be listed in the Conference Program.)
  • Partner in Peace: $150 – $350.00 (A black & white ad for your company will be placed in conference program, seen by up to 300 people.)
  • Ally in Action: $350 – $600.00 (The above perks plus one free ticket for the entire weekend including Alice Walker at the Washington Center.)
  • Harbinger of Justice: $600.00+ (The above perks plus an ad placed on the RCF website and in the Washington Center program viewed by up to 1000 people OR 2 Free Tickets to the full conference including Alice Walker.)


Celebrate Egypt's Victory at the Mural

by adminsusan on February 19, 2011

If you have a video camera – Please let us know or come down and help us document this event- THANKS


ORSMP’s own Hilary Hacker has been nominate to win a Students In Service Award!

All you have to do is VOTE for me and PLEASE spread the word through any networks you have… email, facebook… etc.

Hilary and ORSMP and Antioch would appreciate it sooo much!  $5,000 for Hilary, $2,500 for Antioch, and $2,500 for the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project!

Check out this clip I created in order to document the community work that I’ve done since beginning grad school at Antioch University  It’s only 3 minutes!

You can VOTE and view my profile at  Please leave comments under the comments tab.

You can also find Hilary on Facebook at!/hilhack or

Below is a link to the in-progress  Catalogue of the mural participants that Hilary is working on.  She designed and laid it out.

Here is a video of Hilary’s work


Asia Aamer’s image in the mural.

The Itisapartheid  Collective and Stop the Wall  want to announce the winner of the Israeli Apartheid Video Contest.

Expert Panel Prize: Road Map to Apartheid
Palestinian Popular Jury Prize:  Confronting the Wall (there were showings and voting in the
West Bank and Gaza)
Global Jury Prize:  Ali Wall (from internet voting)
Overall Prize:  Road Map to Apartheid

You can see the films on our website .
Road map to Apartheid:
Ali Wall:
Confronting the Wall:


Walls- From Palestine to Mexico

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