About Us

ORSMP has been years in the making.  There are many people to thank!  Here are some of them:

Apologies in advance for mistakes in spelling etc.

Who we are:


Susan Greene- Director

Sarah Stockholm- Project Manager, Outreach and Development Coordinator

Josh Elliot- Outreach and Development Coordinator

Rochelle Gause- Project Manager


Susan Greene- Director

Josh Elliot- Outreach and Development Coordinator

Elizabeth Moore- Outreach and Development Coordinator

Hilary Hacker- Social Media Coordinator


Steering Committee 2011

Susan Greene:  Director and Project Originator

January 2006- present

Alicia Martinson: Local Outreach and Production Coordinator

Spring 2008- present

Josh Elliott: Leaf Installation Coordinator, and Leaf Facilitator

July 2009- present

Hilary Hacker: Outreach and Event coordinator, Graphic Design

February 2010- present

Dr. Therese Saliba- liaison to RCF Board


Public Relations Development and Outreach Strategies

Sally Douglas Arce- 2010 to present

Martha Wallner- 2010

People who have worked on the mural past and present:

Patricia Vazquez: Painter, Leaf Facilitator- Summer 2009- present

Tinashe Rusike: Branding, Graphics- Spring 2009- present

Justin C.: Design Committee, Designed and Painted the image of the wall and splashing water, Photographer- Spring 2009- present

Nicole Ponsler: Steering Committee, Designed and Painted the Wave, Community Paint Day facilitator- Winter 2009- Summer 2009

Sarah Weiss (Prime Time): Intern and Mural Production- Spring 2009- Summer 2009

Sophie Gordon: Intern and Mural Production- Spring 2009- Summer 2009

Elizabeth Antione: Intern and Mural Production- Spring 2009- Summer 2009

Jesse Meliza: Video Artist/ Documentarian- Summer 2009

Eric Sarai: Leaf production Graphic Designer- Summer 2009

Rain Wholey: Leaf Facilitator and Mural Production

Summer 2009- Carlos Gemora: Leaf installation- Summer 2009- May 2010

Anna Eggleton: Documentations and Archiving- 2007- Fall 2008

Candy Eggleton: Documentations and Archiving – 2007 – Fall 2008

Ron Eggleton: Documantarian, Website, and Photography- 2007 – Fall 2008

Andrea Robbins: Phase 1 Core Committee, Outreach, Safety Coordinator, Audio Recording and Editing- Summer 2008- Winter 2008

Ashley Harrison: Phase 1 Core Committee Administrator, PR

Marion Pollman: Phase 1 Core Committee, Ceramics Coordinator, Design Committee- Summer 2008- Winter 2008

Holly Graham: Phase 1 Core Committee, Education Coordinator; Ceramic Leaf Facilitator, Outreach- 2007- Fall 2008

Evan Welkins: Phase 1 Core Committee, Fundraising- Summer 2008

Carrie Zeigler: Phase 1 Core Committee, Coordinated the design and production of the Olive tree= Summer 2008

Erin Genia: Phase 1 Core Committee, Design workshop(s) facilitator, outreach

Sifra Madrone: Early stages of Mural planning, Design workshop(s) Facilitator, Outreach- 2007- spring 2008

Chris Allert: Phase 1 Core Committee, Computer Programmer- 2007- Summer 2008

Rochelle Gause: Early Negotiations with landlords, Communication and Outreach with artists in Palestine, Leaf Facilitator

Serena Becker: RCF Liaison, Outreach- Winter 2010- Spring 2010

RCF Board Members:

Dr. Therese Saliba: Secretary

Cindy Corrie: RCF President and Phase 1 Core Committee Administrator

Craig Corrie: RCF Treasurer

Patty Mosqueda

Donna Schumann: RCF Vice President


Special Thanks to:

Simona Sharoni

Lori Blewet

Wood Chuck Works

Lew Rents

Eli Sterling and Procession of the Species

Curtis Lumber

David Sederberg and Pacific Sound and Stage

Elliott Stoller

Jeff Bartone

Pit Kwiecinski

Eugenio  Aliota

Rebecca Pilcher

Whitney Faulkner

Teresa Mosqueda

Larry and Patty Mosqueda

Nizhoni Ellenwood

The Pasties

Audio Pharmacy

Groupo Quetzalcoatle de Olympia

Samba Olywa

Boots Brown

City of Olympia

Vince Ryland

The Royale Lounge

Funding Provided in part by:

Break the Silence Mural and Arts Project

Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

Left Tilt Foundation

Middle East Children’s Alliance

Peace Development Fund (PDF)

~ Maverick Fund of PDF

~ Mother Jones Fund of PDF

~ Mary N. Lloyd Memorial Fund of PDF